Are Reports Secure?

Yes, because:

  • The website is a secure one: all the data exchanged between the browser and the server is encrypted, so that it’s totally unintelligible to any eavesdropper.
  • Access to CPiRLS-4S report content is password protected.

In order to submit, view and comment on incident reports, you must have a username and password. These can be obtained from your Tutor.
Providing access details in this way helps to ensure that only chiropractic students participate. All students in your college are provided with the same (regularly changed) username and password which helps to ensure that individual users cannot be identified by other students. Only your Tutor will be aware of who has submitted a report through prior discussion and note that reports only appear on the site once they have been approved by your Tutor.

When a report is submitted to CPiRLS-4S, the website stores the information provided as fields within an underlying database. The website and the underlying database are hosted on a remote commercial server. The IP address of the computer from which the report was submitted is not stored to disk and the contents of the RAM cache that could carry this information is transient and rapidly flushed. Because of these measures, it is not possible for other students to identify the individual who has submitted a report. This means chiropractic students can feel confident in sharing incidents openly through the CPiRLS-4S website.